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  • Coming soon

    - Improved graphics on all resolutions.
    - Online multiplayer game.

    The Luckiest Wheel

    Solve panels as fast as you can against the time countdown. The more panels you solve, the more virtual money you'll get to beat your own scores.

    Up to four players on multiplayer mode: show your friends who is the clever one.

    Hundreds of panels in English, Spanish, Italian and German with several different subjects, like proverbs, cinema, music, books, writers, etc. Panels updated online in a daily basis.

    NEW: Write your own panels with our new panel editor. You just need an user account which is free and will take just a minute to create.

    Available as free with ads and also purchased by just €1,49 without them.

    Also available in Spanish.

  • Coming soon

    - Huge dictionary
    - Support for more languages


    The most refreshing game of the summer.

    Catch the rain drops to discover the hidden word. Avoid to touch invalid letters. You can also catch the umbrellas and the red fishes, that will made your way to the solution easier.

    Available in English and Spanish.