I've been enjoying daily since launch

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I've been enjoying daily since launch

Post by Sunxuemei » Wed Nov 25, 2020 3:49 am

You're Nook Miles Ticket completely correct and that I don't understand why you've been downvoted. There's also the ability to revisit Dream Islands you have already visited from a listing. I think that it was the final update where they modified Saharas dialogue and that is a QOL update also. They do not tend to show QOL stuff in update videos since it isn't exciting in a video. Same thing happened with Splatoon 2 updates.I think people are angry about the dearth of qol in the sport not automatically at my remark. I don't blame them this game demands qol improvements.

I mean the fact that your comment was seemingly just"yup" initially didn't seem especially helpful, especially when even people who watched the video would have forgotten about that attribute. Like clearly the person who was requesting would want to learn what the QoL improvements were when the response has been yes.Which ones? I saw none in the movie. Just like they even show that You Need to buy candy separately you can't buy in bulk That's the Exact Same ol bullshitOnths, but I am surprised that slipped my mind. Crafting fish bait was likely the worst offender. I had been in a small-ish AC community and there was a man who tricked tons for folks to help decrease the pain.

I've been enjoying daily since launch. I love ACNH. My loved ones and I work together on projects. We attend KK's concert after Saturday dinner. The holidays are all exciting. My only criticism is that the slow and seemingly limited feed of things and DiY.

The best comments are shallow players of the sport. The dialogue is actually pretty diverse, but it is doled out very slowly. The first couple of interactions using a villager on a day will be the same things, particularly during the"narrative" bit of this match in which you do exactly the same things every day just like chop wood.

When the story is over and the game moves into maintenance mode (like every AC match does), it is perfectly enjoyable.

I received the cheap New Horizons Items in May, I've built up around 230hrs onto it and I'm still enjoying it. I don't play every day as I did when I first got it, but most days of the week I'll open it up and get a few things done.

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